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A Voice for Men, also known as AVfM, AVFM or AV4M, is a United States-based[1] for-profit limited liability company[2] and online publication founded in 2009 by Paul Elam. A proponent of the men's rights movement, or "Men's Human Rights Activism", it is the largest and most influential men's rights website.[3][4][5][6] Its editorial position is strongly antifeminist and frequently accuses feminists of being misandrist.

A Voice for Men hosts radio shows, has a forum and posts articles on its website. It occasionally features groups. AVFM's staff members and contributors are unpaid volunteers with the exception of the founder.[2] The site features an online store, called "The Red Pill Shop" (named for the red pill meme), which sells T-shirts, cell phone covers, and holiday decorations.[2][7] The site also accepts financial donations. Elam says "every dollar goes right in my pocket," but is used to advance the group's cause.[2] According to Dun & Bradstreet's database, as of 2014 AVFM had an estimated $120,000 in yearly revenue and one employee.[2]

In March 2011, AVFM launched a broadcasting franchise on BlogTalkRadio. Paul Elam hosted the first broadcast.[8]

In early 2011, AVFM created the website Register-Her, a wiki page which initially listed the names, addresses and other personal information of women convicted of murdering or raping men. The registry expanded over time to include women considered by the sites operators to be guilty of "false rape accusations" or "anti-male bigotry".[2][6][9][10][11] Under the motto "Why are these women not in jail?", the site also published personally identifying information of women who participated in protests against the men's rights movement (MRM), mocked the MRM on social media, or who voiced feminist supportive ideas.[6][9][11][12] AVFM founder Paul Elam stated that there would no longer be "any place to hide on the internet" for "lying bitches".[9] The site was closed for a period of time,[12] but later it was back up again at a different web address (at least, until February 18, 2020).[13]

In 2014, AVFM launched a website called White Ribbon, adopting graphics and language from the White Ribbon Campaign, a violence prevention program which was established in 1991.[14][15] AVFM's White Ribbon site was initially established as a response to the White Ribbon Campaign, arguing that women's shelters were "hotbeds of gender hatred" and that "corrupt academics" had conspired to conceal violence against men.[9] The website was harshly criticized by Todd Minerson, Executive Director of White Ribbon, who stated that the AVFM White Ribbon website is a "misguided attempt to discredit others" and urged its supporters "not to be fooled by this copycat campaign".[16]

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