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CTH Public Company Limited (CTH), formerly known as Cable Thai Holding Public Company Limited, was a Thai pay TV operator and Internet broadband services provider.

It was founded by a large group of cable television operators as Cable Thai Holding, a holding company established for dealing and share its content. It was offering pay television channels on an analog CATV system which had a largest customer base in Thailand with over 2.5 million households before started its own pay TV business as CTH.[1]

CTH holds English Premier League broadcast rights for season 2013/14 till 2015/16 in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.[2]

Cable Thai Holding Public Company Limited was set up in August 2009 by over 100 Thailand cable television operators with initial capital of 50 million baht. Its mission was to provide TV program licenses, unified channel line up, marketing for member cable operators to expand their subscriber base.[3]

In February 2010, the company, headed by president Kesem Inkaew who was also president of Thailand Cable TV Association, started its CTH platform with 26 leading cable channels broadcast via ABS1 satellite for its member cable operators to redistribute to their subscribers.[4]

Major change to the company organization happened in April 2012, when Wichai Thongtang, a businessman and former Thaksin Shinawatra lawyer, acquired 25% of CTH while Thai Rath newspaper family, headed by Vachara Vacharapol, acquired another 25% of the company. CTH also looked for another partner for 20% stake while the remaining 30% was still held by cable operators. The company capital was also raised to 1 billion baht. Wichai Thongtang became the company chairman.[5]

In August 2012, TrueVisions announced partnership with CTH to allow CTH access to nine channels produced by TrueVisions.[6]

In November 2012, CTH won the broadcast right to English Premier League from 2013–14 to 2015–16 seasons with the highest price in Asia and the second highest in the world valued $320 million.[7][8]

The service started broadcast via cable-TV providers and on satellite via Vinasat-2 in mid-August 2013, just weeks before English Premier League started its new season.

In September 2013, CTH filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc. and its local company, Apple South Asia (Thailand), accusing of violating intellectual property rights for commercial purposes and counterfeiting or altering a registered trademark for ฿100 million after they allow an app call "Sports Channel" that allow the user to watch EPL live broadcasts to be sold on Apple's App Store.[9]

In January 2014, CTH collaborated with PSI Holdings to offered English Premier League packages in lower price aiming to expand the subscribers. CTH also acquired the broadcast rights to WWE programmes in a five-year deal to broadcast on CTH Sport Spirit channel and later on dedicated CTH WWE channel.[10]

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