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The Companies Act 1862[1] (25 & 26 Vict. c.89) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom regulating UK company law, whose descendant is the Companies Act 2006.

Under section 167 of the Companies Act 1862 (25 & 26 Vict c 89) one of the functions of a liquidator was to bring criminal proceedings against directors and others who were alleged to have committed offences in relation to the company.[9]

In the song "Some seven men form an association" in Gilbert and Sullivan's Utopia, Limited, King Paramount reforms the island of Utopia into a limited-liability company under the provisions of the Companies Act.[10] However, in the operetta, it is instead referred to as "the Joint Stock Companies Act of sixty-two," perhaps also alluding to the Joint Stock Companies Act 1844 which was referenced in their previous opera, The Gondoliers.[11]

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