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DQ Herculis, or Nova Herculis 1934, was a slow, bright nova occurring in the northern constellation of Hercules in December 1934. This cataclysmic variable star was discovered on 13 December 1934 by J. P. M. Prentice from Stowmarket, Suffolk.[12] It reached peak brightness on 22 December 1934 with an apparent magnitude of 1.5.[3] The nova remained visible to the naked eye for several months.[13]

This is a binary star system consisting of a white dwarf primary with an estimated 60% of the mass of the Sun and a red dwarf secondary with 40% of the Sun's mass.[8] They orbit each other tightly with a period of 4.65 hours.[7] The system shows orbital period variation, possibly due to the presence of a third body.[5] The orbital plane of the pair is inclined by an angle of 86.5° to the line of sight from the Earth, causing the white dwarf to undergo a deep eclipse every orbit.[8]

DQ Herculis is the prototype for a category of cataclysmic variable stars called intermediate polars.[5] The red dwarf has filled its Roche lobe and matter is being drawn off at the rate of 2.7 × 10−9 M☉ yr−1, forming an accretion disk orbiting the primary. This disk has inferred temperatures ranging from 5,000 to 13,500 K. A bright spot in the inner disk appears to pulsate with a 71-second period. In this class of variables, the white dwarf is magnetized, directing infalling matter onto the magnetic poles.[8]

The shell of ejected material from the nova outburst is visible as an emission nebula, similar in appearance to a planetary nebula. This roughly elliptical nebula had a size of 32.0 × 24.2 arc seconds as of 2018, and it is expanding at a rate of about 0.16 arc seconds per year.[1]

The nova was one of the brightest objects observable in the night sky. In addition to scientific articles, and received significant coverage in popular news publications.[14][15] Brad Ricca, an English professor at Case Western Reserve University, has suggested that Nova Herculis may have influenced the development of the origin story of the comic book superhero Superman.[16]

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