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Gallavants is an American 1984 animated musical film produced by Marvel Productions, and released in theaters and on home video.

Gallavants are ants living in their own fairy-tale land, Ganteville. The little ones have to go to school in preparation of their adult life as working ants. However, one pupil, named Shando, thinks he doesn't need to take lessons and work hard, in order to find his destination in life. He has to learn the hard way... He goes on many adventures to earn his "kabump," a bump on his abdomen that signifies his rank as a fully-fledged member of Gallavant society, and along the way must rescue a lost Gallavant egg and outsmart a Vanterviper, a two-headed worm-like creature resembling an amphisbaena that eats the Gallavants and their eggs. He also meets a small, mysterious bouncing ball that is thought to have been a runaway egg that got exposed to the light, which he mistakes for his kabump.

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