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Guiseley School is a mixed secondary school and sixth form located in Guiseley in the City of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.[1]

Guiseley became a foundation school in January 2014, and is administered by Leeds City Council and the Aireborough Learning Partnership.[2] Guiseley School offers GCSEs and BTECs as programmes of study for pupils, while students in the sixth form have the option to study from a range of A-levels and further BTECs.

In September 2006, the school was damaged by a tornado and floods during a freak storm and had to be temporarily closed.[3][4]

In September 2011, Guiseley School became one of the first schools in the UK to completely ban skirts as part of their school uniform.[5] The school released a statement saying that they believed that short skirts were contributing to the sexualisation of children.[6]

In September 2015, 46 pupils and 4 staff members from the school became ill with food poisoning while on a school trip to Belgium.[7] A total of 80 Year 11 pupils had gone on the school trip and those who were taken ill were treated at seven hospitals around Zeebrugge.[7][8] Those pupils who were not infected were taken to a hostel.[9] All of the pupils and staff eventually recovered.[10]

In January 2019, plans to replace most of the existing school buildings with a new development were approved.[11] The plans were expected to be completed in February 2021.[12]

In March 2020, Department for Education statistics revealed that Guiseley School received the lowest amount of funding per pupil of all Leeds state secondary schools, with £4673 per head, although this figure was still above the national average of £4556 per pupil for all state schools in England.[13]

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