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There have been several fictional groups of mutants who have used the name Hellions, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Hellions have always been portrayed as rivals of various teams of younger mutant heroes in the X-Men franchise, initially as actual villains and later on a team that was more of a school rival than actual enemies of the X-Men.

The first and most notable incarnation of the Hellions were students of Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club's Massachusetts Academy, and were rivals of the New Mutants. The original Hellions first appeared in New Mutants #16 (June 1984), created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Sal Buscema.[1] This version of the Hellions ended after an attack by Trevor Fitzroy and a squadron of Sentinels that killed several Hellions.

Two later groups known as the Hellions or New Hellions both fought against various X groups such as Generation X and X-Force.

In New X-Men: Academy X a new group of Hellions were introduced, this time they were a part of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, the Hellions was one of several factions that the students were divided into including the New Mutants, with whom they had a rivalry. After the majority of mutants lost their powers in the Decimation storyline the Hellions were combined into one squad as the number of mutants was greatly reduced.

The original group of Hellions were apprentices of the Hellfire Club and students of its White Queen Emma Frost. While attending classes at Frost's Massachusetts Academy, these young mutants secretly trained in the use of their powers in an underground complex beneath the school. They were longtime rivals of the Professor Charles Xavier's students, the New Mutants, and once held their own against the X-Men. The original Hellions were:[2]

White Queen Emma Frost had another potential Hellion in Firestar (Angelica Jones), but kept the girl from joining the team on field missions while grooming her to be Frost's personal assassin. Firestar eventually learned of Frost's plans and left the Massachusetts Academy.[3]

After suffering a severe trauma at the hands of the Beyonder,[4][5] a number of the New Mutants were transferred to the Massachusetts Academy by Magneto (then headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters), due to their apparent need for psychic therapy from Emma Frost.[6] While at the Academy, the transferred New Mutants — Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Karma, Cypher, Magik, and Magma — were inducted into the Hellions.[7] They soon returned to Xavier's School after their recovery and the revelation that the White Queen had employed Empath to coerce Magneto into allowing the transfer.[8] After an alliance between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club[9] and Magneto's ascension to the Inner Circle as its White King,[10] relations between the Hellions and New Mutants improved.

Magma, realizing she held feelings for Empath, eventually returned to the Hellions and the Massachusetts Academy;[11] the two would later leave the team to travel to her home in Nova Roma.[12] James Proudstar also left the Hellions, reemerging with Cable and the remnants of the New Mutants in X-Force.[13]

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