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"Irony" is a song recorded by the South Korean girl group Wonder Girls, written and produced by Park Jin-young. It was released as their debut single and the lead single from their debut album The Wonder Years on February 13, 2007, through JYP Entertainment. It was also released as a maxi single and extended play (EP), titled The Wonder Begins. Three tracks, including "Bad Boy", "It's Not Love", and a remix version of "Irony", were on the EP. "Bad Boy" was released as the second single in March 2007 while "It's Not Love" was released as the third single on April 27, 2007.[1][2][3][4] "Irony" became one of their biggest hits in South Korea. An accompanying music video was also released and shows Sohee, Yeeun, Sunmi and Hyuna's revenge on Sunye's unfaithful boyfriend by using a voodoo doll to embarrass him. It marks their only release to feature member Hyuna, who left the group in July 2007.

Popular music critics of Korean web magazine IZM, Jeong Seong-Ha (Korean: 정성하), Han Dong-Yoon (Korean: 한동윤), Yoon Jee-Hoon (Korean: 윤지훈), said the routine of producer Jin-young's African American music style, and the tasteless song about "Irony" in common.[5] In spite of pointing out like this, the song had a moderate chart performance.

A music video was produced for "Irony" to promote the song. Wonder Girls showed the first live performance of "Irony" at the MBC TV series Music Core on February 10, 2007.

Video begins by showing Yeeun lying on the floor in a phone conversation, Hyuna petting a dog, Sunmi applying nail paint and Sohee in the upper bunk bed listening to music. Then Sunye, who shows a depressed expression, enters the house. Her groupmates sit around her and Sunye starts singing about the problems with her cheating boyfriend. Sunmi then locates him through their computer, Sohee activates a satellite dish for further remote surveillance and Hyuna uses a voodoo doll to embarrass him in front of his new girlfriend. The girls later enter the club in which he is with his friends and face them. Sunye them blows him away and he falls down the wall. Video ends by girls laughing at him and walking away.

The original studio version featuring the original line-up (Min Sunye, Park Yeeun, Lee Sunmi, Kim Hyuna and Ahn Sohee) is available on the Wonder Girls' debut extended play The Wonder Begins and their debut studio album The Wonder Years. The song was later re-recorded for the Japanese release of their greatest hits album WonderBest and features the line-up consisting of Min Sunye, Park Yeeun, Ahn Sohee, Kim Yubin and Woo Hyerim, with former members' vocals removed.

The chart positions are based on data from Music Industry Association Korea. Unlike Oricon and Billboard, the charts are released monthly, not weekly.

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