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Jju is the native language of the Bajju people of Kaduna State in central Nigeria. It is also locally known as "Kaje or Kache" (by the Hausas). As of 1988, there were approximately 300,000 speakers.[3] According to Blench (2008), Jju—with more speakers—appears to be a form of Tyap (although its speakers are ethnically distinct).[4][circular reference]

Bajju is one of the Southern Kaduna languages.[3][5]

Jju is spoken as a first language by the Bajju people in Zangon Kataf, Jema'a, Kachia, Kaura and Kaduna South Local Government Areas of Kaduna state. It is also spoken in neighbouring Atyap, Fantswam, Agworok, Ham, Adara, and other kin communities as a second or third language.[citation needed]

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