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Joos Lambrecht (1491, Ghent – 1556/7, Wesel) was a Walloon printer, typographer, lexicographer and linguist.

He was the son of Jan Lambrecht and came from a family of engravers of seals and marks used to authenticate cloth made in Ghent. In 1537-1538 he took up this trade taking over from Vincent Lambert, and combined it with a broad range of activities: he was a schoolmaster at the Walloon School and also wrote poetry. His work as a printer is regarded as being of particularly good quality.[1]

His Naembouck van alle natuerlicken ende ongheschuumde Vlaemsche woorden is an important book in the history of the Dutch languages. It was a Dutch-French dictionary, French being a language he taught at the Walloon School.[2] He printed the first edition of this book in 1546. For many years no copy was known to have survived until Wytze Hellinga discovered a copy in the library of the Groot Seminarie in Warmond in the Netherlands.[3]

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