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LGT Group is the largest family-owned private banking and asset management group in the world. LGT, originally known as The Liechtenstein Global Trust, is owned by the princely House of Liechtenstein through the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation and led by its family members H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein (CEO) and H.S.H. Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein (chairman).[3]

LGT is headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein with a key presence in Zurich, Switzerland. The company maintains 3,405 employees in over 20 offices around the globe, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.[1]

The company has made several acquisitions of high value transactions. In 2009, it acquired the Swiss operation of Dresdner Bank from Commerzbank,[6] following this in 2015 it acquired more than $12 billion of HSBC Private assets and in 2017 it acquired Dutch giant ABN AMRO Asia Private with $20 billion in assets. The ABN AMRO transaction meant that LGT now had more assets under management in Asia than it did in Europe.

LGT Group traces its history back to 1920, when Bank in Liechtenstein (BIL) was founded with the objective to attract capital for the economic development of the Principality of Liechtenstein. In May 1921, BIL launched its operations with 10 employees based in ground-floor offices inside the main government building. During the global economic crisis in the 1930s, BIL and its shareholders were confronted with major problems, leading the Princely House of Liechtenstein to acquire a controlling interest in the bank.[7]

Until the 1960s, the bank’s main focus was to support and provide financing for the expansion of Liechtenstein’s economy and business sector. BIL did so primarily through the provision of financial services and loans. Over time, however, the commercial opportunities available to it in the local economy became too narrow, leading it to grow its operations to become an international commercial bank. Following this transformation, BIL began to expand into various segments of the banking industry, with a particular focus on activities pertaining to mortgages, stock markets and foreign exchange.[7]

In 1970, the bank's share capital was taken over by the recently established Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation.[7] During the 1980s, BIL opened representative offices in Europe, the US and Asia, including in London, which was its first foreign business base, and in Hong Kong in 1986.[8]

In 1986, BIL went public[9] and in 1989, acquired GT Management PLC in London.[10] In 1990, BIL GT Group AG was founded and H.S.H. Prince Philipp became Chairman of the Board of Directors.[11][12] Six years later, BIL GT Group was renamed Liechtenstein Global Trust and BIL became LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG.[13] In 1998, the GT Asset Management division was sold and the bank went private.[14] It was then that LGT decided to focus on private banking and asset management and to further expand its international operations.[15]

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