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LS Group is a South Korean chaebol (conglomerate). It is composed of LS Corp. (see below), E1 (LPG), and YESCO (LNG). "LS Corp." is a holding company, which comprises LS Cable & System (power & communications cables), LS ELECTRIC (electrical equipment & automation systems), LS-Nikko Copper (copper smelter & refiner) and LS Mtron (machinery & components). The company is controlled by the Koo family, the founding family of LG Group.

LS Group was spun off from LG Group in 2003. In 2010, LS Group and its subsidiaries have approximately US$25.2 billion in revenue worldwide with about 100 subsidiaries in 25 countries.

LS stands for "Leading Solution".[citation needed]

LS Group operates their own training facility near Ansung in Gyeonggi Province for its employees.

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