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The Lucid Air is an electric car whose prototype was unveiled by Lucid Motors in December 2016.[2] As of 2017[update], it was being designed to compete with existing brands in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, in particular the Tesla Model S, the Karma Revero, the Porsche Taycan, as well as other brands in the luxury car segment, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.[3]

The company projects that the Air sedan will achieve a range of 517 miles (832 km) on a single charge if the EPA test cycle[4] is used.[5] The production version was unveiled in September 2020, and Lucid plans to put the car into production in the spring of 2021.[6]

In November, 2020, the Lucid Air Pure was announced with 406 miles of projected range and 480 horsepower and a starting price of US$77,400. The full range of models includes Lucid Air Touring, Grand Touring, and Dream Edition versions.[7]

The Lucid Air was conceived in the early 2010s, with a prototype unveiled to the public in 2016,[2] and the production version unveiled in September 2020 with production planned to start in spring 2021.[6]

Lucid entered into a partnership deal with Samsung SDI on 2 December 2016 for battery procurement.[8][9]

In 2016, Lucid Motors created a delivery van prototype of its electric powertrain for the Air using batteries from its former brand, Atieva. Known as "Edna", the electric powered delivery van contained two gearboxes and motors producing over 900 hp (671 kW) and a battery pack capable of storing 87 kWh of energy. Combined with all-wheel drive and other physical and software updates, Edna was able to achieve a 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time of 2.74 seconds and quarter mile time of 11.3 seconds.[10] According to Lucid Motors, Edna was used to test the performance and real world functionality of its powertrain, including "motor control algorithms, regenerative braking behaviors, accelerator pedal feel, and cooling strategies".[11]

In 2018, a modified Lucid Air prototype set an EV lap record of 1:41.67 at the Laguna Seca track, beating the Jaguar I Pace by seven seconds, previously holding a previous record of 1:48.18.[12] Featured as a prototype, the Air was equipped with "Pirelli P Zero PZ4 summer tyres, modified high temperature brake pads and fluid, a 6 point roll cage and fire suppression system".[13]

In 2018, Lucid Motors closed a US$1 billion investment deal with the Saudi Arabia to fund the Air's production.[14] Production was then expected to commence in late 2020 following the construction of the Lucid factory in Casa Grande, Arizona.[14] The factory's total investment was expected to amount to US$675 million by 2025 when all phases are complete, with the first phase including a US$168 million investment in equipment and US$82 million investment in property acquisition.[15]

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