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The meaning of «omukae desu»

Omukae desu (お迎えです。) is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Meca Tanaka and published by Hakusensha, with serialization from 1999 to 2002 on LaLa and with five volumes compiling the chapters. A one-shot sequel volume was published in early 2016 on the same magazine. The original manga was adapted into a Japanese television drama series, which ran from April to June 2016 on Nippon Television.[1]

Madoka Tsutsumi is a college student hopeful who has an emotionless and quiet streak that made others label him "scary", in spite of the fact that he is actually a geek with a penchant for analyzing. He is spiritually aware, and with this ability, he comes across a man in a bunny suit chasing an old man, who turns out to be a spirit. The former introduces himself as a shinigami named Nabeshima, who, alongside his assistant Yuzuko, works for GSG, an organization with the goal of helping spirits to move on from their regrets and enter the afterlife. Nabeshima requests that Madoka accept a part-time job to help the spirits using his possession ability, which allows the spirits to interact with the living, in exchange for an "easy entry to the afterlife" once he dies.

As Madoka continues throughout the next three college years doing the part-time jobs, he is introduced to Sachi Aguma, a high school girl and fellow GSG part-timer who is capable of astral projecting and has a crush on Nabeshima, despite his insistence that humans and shinigami are not meant to be together. On the other hand, one of the spirits that he has to deal with is revealed to be a high schoolmate, Chisato Ogawa, who had admired Madoka for a long time but never managed to gain the courage to confess until her death. Chisato does not reveal her feelings until she has to go to the afterlife, which greatly depresses Madoka, as her feelings are in fact mutual.

To alleviate his mood, Aguma proposes for Madoka to briefly enter the afterlife to say a proper goodbye to Chisato. With Nabeshima and Aguma's help, Madoka confesses his feelings to Chisato, though the latter encourages him to pursue Aguma instead. Later, while Madoka is helping Aguma to woo Nabeshima, he insists that he will wait for her until she is ready to move on from him, a suggestion that she takes note.

Carlo Santos of Anime News Network gave volume 1 a rating of C.[7]

The manga was adapted into a live-action TV adaptation, which premiered on the Nippon Television in April 2016 and ended in June 2016 for a total of 9 episodes. It considerably expands the universe of the original while also removing or changing plot points (e.g. Aguma is made a university student, instead of a high school student).[1]

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