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Russian Air Force Day (Russian: День Военно-воздушных сил) is a professional military holiday of Russia celebrated on 12 August to honor the active and reserve personnel, as well as veterans of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Air Fleet Day (Russian: День Воздушного Флота), also known as the Air Forces Day or Soviet Aviation Day[1] was established in 1933[2] and was celebrated on the third Sunday of August.[3][4][5] The first aviation exhibition was held on 18 August 1933,[1][6] at the initiative of Yakov Alksnis at Moscow's Khodynka Aerodrome.[7] Future air parades were held at Tushino Airfield, where they remained for decades. In 1937, the parade was attended by nearly a million people,[7][8]

Soviet Air Force Day was enshrined by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 1 October 1980. On 28 September 1992, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Russia fixed this date as Russian Air Force Day.[9] The modern holiday was introduced to the Russian Armed Forces by President Vladimir Putin on 31 May 2006.[10][11][12] The date was chosen based on the fact that 12 August 1912 marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Imperial Russian Air Service,[13][14][15] which was formerly part of the Engineer Corps.[16] 12 August is today considered to be the birthday of Russian military aviation.[17]

Festive events dedicated to the holiday are held annually.[18][19] Air shows are commonly held at Zhukovsky Airport. Solemn events are held at the Moscow House of War and Armed Forces Veterans.[20] The 2012 Air Force Day celebrations marked the centennial of Russian military aviation, being attended by President Vladimir Putin.[21]

Members of Russian military bands on Air Force Day in 2020.

Vladimir Putin with Air Force veterans after the flypast.

A flypast with the number "100" to honor the centennial of the Russian Air Force.

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