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Russian empire at the 1912 summer olympics

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Russian Empire (Russia) competed at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. 159 competitors took part in 62 events in 15 sports.[1]

Four swimmers competed for Russia at the 1912 Games. It was the nation's debut in swimming. None of the Russian swimmers took part in the semifinals of any event; Baimakov had advanced unopposed from the quarterfinals in the 400 metre breaststroke, but did not start in the semifinals.

Ranks given for each swimmer are within the heat.

35 athletes competed for Russia. It was the second appearance of the nation in athletics, after having a single marathon runner in 1908. Aleksandr Schultz's 11th-place finish in the decathlon was Russia's best placement.

Ranks given are within that athlete's heat for running events.

Ten cyclists represented Russia. It was the first appearance of the nation in cycling. Andrejs Apsītis was the only cyclist to finish the time trial, the only race held, placing 60th. Because only Apsītis finished the time trial, the team received no ranking in the four-man team competition.

A single diver represented Russia. It was Russia's debut in diving. Viktor Baranov, the sole Russian diver, did not finish the competition in the first round of the plain high diving event.

Rankings given are within the diver's heat.

(Team score is the sum of the top three individual scores.)

Twenty-four fencers represented Russia. It was the second appearance of the nation in fencing, which had previously competed in 1900. Because both fencers in 1900 had been professionals, the 1912 team was the first Russian team to feature amateurs. None of the Russian fencers in 1912 advanced to the finals, though four sabrists reached the semifinals.

Four gymnasts represented Russia. It was the debut of the nation in gymnastics. All four of the Russian gymnasts finished in the bottom five. Russia did not send any teams in the team competitions.

Russia had five competitors in the first Olympic pentathlon competition. Two of the Russians were among the ten pentathletes to retire early. The others placed 15th, 20th, and 21st among the 22 finishers.

(The scoring system was point-for-place in each of the five events, with the smallest point total winning.)

One rower represented Russia. It was the nation's first appearance in rowing. Kuusik advanced to the semifinals in the single sculls before being defeated, taking the bronze medal.

(Ranks given are within each crew's heat.)

Seventeen sailors represented Russia. It was the nation's first appearance in sailing. Neither of Russia's eight metre boats were able to score any points, but the nation's ten metre boat finished in the top three of both races; that boat lost the race-off for second place and settled for the bronze medal.

(7 points for 1st in each race, 3 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd. Race-off to break ties in total points if necessary for medal standings.)

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