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Sportverenging Honselersdijk is a football club from Honselersdijk, Netherlands. Since 2018 it plays in the Eerste Klasse. It plays at Sportpark de Strijphorst in an orange-white-blue kit. The club also has a successful futsal team.[1][2]

Sportvereniging Honselersdijk was founded on 6 May 1964. In 1965–66 it beat the factory team of Van der Heem 12–0.[3]

In 1982 Honselersdijk joined the main leagues of the KNVB, starting in the Vierde Klasse. Until 2018, Honselersdijk hovered between the Vierde, Derde and Tweede Klasse. It won a championship in the Vierde Klasse in 1988 and in the Derde Klasse in 1997.

In 2009–10 Honselersdijk beat VV Marine 9–0 and HSV Celeritas 12–0.[3]

In 2014, Honselersdijk had it biggest victory to-date, beating SC Zuiderpark 18–0 at De Strijphorst.[4] Discontinuing this strike, it lost 0–8 against the first squad of Feyenoord.[5][6] Feyenoord took on a handicap in this game, not replacing injured players. Eventually Feyenoord played 9 against 11 players.

Since 2018 Honselersdijk plays in the Eerste Klasse,[7] after entering the playoffs from the fourth position.[8] In the second round of the playoffs Honselersdijk crushed Valken '68 7–0.[8]

Honselersdijk obtained fourth place in season one in the Eerste Klasse. Subsequent two seasons were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands.

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