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Set the world on fire (e-type song)

The meaning of «set the world on fire (e-type song)»

"Set the World on Fire" is a 1994 song recorded by the Swedish musician known as E-Type. It features vocals by singer Nana Hedin and was released as the first single from his debut album, Made in Sweden. The song was a hit in several countries, particularly in Sweden where it reached number 2. It was released twice, first in 1994, then in 1995, and also featured twice on the album Made in Sweden: in the original studio version, and in an acoustic version. In 1996, it was released in the United States and peaked at #22 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play; it remained charted for a total of 11 weeks.

Robbert Tilli from Music & Media described "Set the World on Fire" as "vintage Euro dance, with a slightly harder edge to it."[1]

Two different music videos were made for the song. Both feature Nana Hedin.

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