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Sri aurobindo international school, hyderabad

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Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad is serving as a field of experiment and research in education. For years, Sri Aurobindo considered the formation of an Education Centres as one of the best means of preparing the future humanity to manifest upon earth a divine consciousness and a divine life.

Each year, a prefectorial body is set up to help proper functioning of the school body. The board consists of the School President and School Captain at the top, with a deputy Vice-Captain to assist. They lead a group of prefects, including high post holders like the school sports secretaries, the house captains and captains of other activities, along with the other prefects. The students of class 10 hold the majority of the posts. All posts except for the post of the school captain and the school president are elected directly by high school students. All the post holders together are called the Students' Council.

The complete list of prefectorial posts along with the names for a few of the posts is given below:

Students are divided into these houses and participate in Inter House competitions.

The school has two blocks: the Primary school block, and the High school block which also houses the principal's office, the vice-principal's office, the staff room, the assembly courtyard and classrooms. There are also physics, chemistry, biology, and computer laboratories. The total area of the school is 15000 sq. m. And the students also have vast options of extracurricular activities to choose from like music (vocal and instrumental), dance, theatre, arts, craft, home science, fashion designing, pottery and even various languages like German, French and Sanskrit. It also facilitates students with after-school activities like basketball, chess, karate and badminton.

The school has a basketball team which actively takes part in ICSE meets and other interschool competitions, under the guidance of the school coach. The students also take part in other sports competitions like athletics, swimming, tennis, badminton and karate.

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