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Tcl1 mtcp1 protein domain

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In molecular biology, TCL-1/MTCP-1 is a protein domain found in proteins encoded for by two related protooncogenes, other words by genes that help promote cancer. They are, T-cell leukemia/lymphoma protein 1A TCL1A encoded by oncogene TCL-1 SWISSPROT and Protein p13 MTCP-1 encoded by MTCP-1 SWISSPROT.

These are overexpressed in T cell prolymphocytic leukemias as a result of chromosomal rearrangements that involve the translocation of one T cell receptor gene to either chromosome 14q32 or Xq28.[1]

Enhances the phosphorylation and activation of Akt. Once Akt is activated this will in turn trigger cell survival. Further more it helps to stabilise mitochondrial membrane potential.[2][3]

This protein exists as a homodimer. It interacts with AKT1, AKT2 and AKT3 via the PH protein domain. It interacts with PNPT1; the interaction has no effect on PNPT1 exonuclease activity.

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