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Thunderiders, originally known as Team America, is a fictional superhero/motorcycle team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They first appeared in Captain America #269 (May 1982) as Team America. They were renamed the Thunderiders in Thing #27.

Captain America writer J. M. DeMatteis described Team America as "another one we kind of got forced into doing."[1] The month following their May 1982 preview appearance in Captain America, the team's monthly self-titled series launched. It was canceled with Team America #12 (May 1983).

The mothers of Honcho/James McDonald, Wolf, R. U. Reddy/Winthrop Roan Jr., Wrench/Leonard Hebb and Cowboy/Luke Merriweather were exposed to mutagenic agents by the terrorist organization HYDRA as part of an experiment known as Project: New Genesis. HYDRA hoped to create mutant children which could later be trained as super-agents. The project was apparently unsuccessful for all test subjects other than these five.

Honcho, Wolf and Reddy initially came together at the first "Unlimited Class Racing" event in Daytona Beach, Florida. Unknown to them, they had first manifested their collective self, a masked motorcyclist dressed in black and known as The Marauder, who was also known as the Dark Rider, a few days earlier. The Marauder invaded a HYDRA facility and destroyed the files on the five. Deducing the subjects of the missing files, HYDRA set out to assassinate Honcho, Wolf and Reddy in the belief that one of them was the Marauder. Each of them escaped the assassination attempt and, having each received a note from the Marauder stating their destinies were linked, decided to band together as Team America. They entered and won their first competition, and moments later foiled an attempt by HYDRA to steal an advanced guidance system from another team.

The three next fought alongside Captain America to defeat a plan by the Mad Thinker to kidnap a number of world-renowned intellectuals to provide him with stimulating companionship.

The original three teammates met Wrench and Cowboy at an Unlimited Class Racing event in the Rocky Mountains. Recognizing the rapport they shared, the original three members invited the other two to join the team and they agreed.

The team temporarily disbanded but yet another attack drew them out of retirement. While performing at a charity exhibition, Cowboy, Wolf and Reddy intervened in an attack on the New Mutants by Viper and the Silver Samurai. The three unconsciously manifested the Dark Rider persona onto Danielle Moonstar, the New Mutant known as Psyche. Psyche was captured and Viper tried to force Team America to steal for her. Before they could formulate a plan of action, Professor Charles Xavier and the rest of the New Mutants joined with them to rescue Psyche. It was then that the five learned they were mutants and of their ability to project the Dark Rider persona. They trained with Xavier for several weeks until they had complete conscious control over the manifestation and the recipient.

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