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Vbl (inbrafiltro)

The meaning of «vbl (inbrafiltro)»

The Light Armored Vehicle (PBL) - Group project Inbrafiltro - is designed for special operations security, in which the troops need protection and great mobility.

Designed entirely within the premises of Inbrafiltro, the VBL, the 3.5 ton class has the monobloc built in ballistic steel plate and is equipped with a shield against 7.62 NATO ammunition. Structured totally on mechanical Land Rover / Defender, the vehicle has high operational mobility, and may also be equipped with various defensive items and / or attack, with the desired configuration by the customer.

The model was designed to have an autonomy of 640 km of highway and 400 in rough terrain, without a trailer and without using additional fuel tanks. The maximum load is around 1600 pounds, capable of transporting the driver and five soldiers.

The VBL has capacity for chemical defense, biological or radiological detection laser beam on the car, and low thermal signature, radar and noise. Another feature includes nocturnal mobility and ability to be airborne in pairs in C-130 aircraft used by the Brazilian air force. The car has six smoke grenades launchers arranged on the sides of the vehicle.

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