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Joint-Stock Company "Vologda Aviation Enterprise", doing business as Vologda Air Company (VAC, Вологодское авиапредприятие, Vologodskoje aviapredprijatije), is an airline with its head office on the property of Vologda Airport in Vologda, Russia.[1] It operates scheduled domestic and regional passenger services. It was formerly the Aeroflot Vologda division, United Air Detachment of Northern Territorial Board of Civil Aviation (1952–1963), Vologda United Air Detachment (1963–1991) and Vologda Air Company (1991–present).

The airline also has branches located on the properties of the airports serving Belozersk, Kichmengsky Gorodok, Nikolsk, Nyuksenitsa, Totma, Veliky Ustyug, and Vytegra. These branches are not legal divisions of the company.[1]

At any one time they have an average of 1500 staff working there.[2]

On 1 September 1931 there was the first flight through the new air-strip at Vologda – Moscow-Yaroslavl-Vologda-Archangelsk.

In 1934, three SH-2 aircraft were now based there, flying to Kirilov, Vashki, Belozersk, and Sholu and landing on lakes.

In 1937, some PO-2 aircraft were transferred to the airline at Vologda and in that year they carried 3055 passengers, 40 tons cargo and 94 tons mail.

In March 1941, the Cherepovets Air Detachment was transferred to Vologda. Before long, they had 25 planes including Po-2, S-1, and Yak-6.

By 1948 the airline had 20 Po-2 planes and in five years they received their first An-2, two years after that a Yak-12, three years after that they received their first Mil helicopter (a Mil Mi-1).

To make best use of their new manmade landing strips, they received their Yak-40 aircraft in 1969 which spurred development. In 1978 they moved to a new airfield.[2]

The airline carries out scheduled and charter passenger and emergency services, aerial thermal imaging and photography, search-and-rescue and aerial patrol flights

The airline operates scheduled flights on its Yakovlev Yak-40 aircraft between Vologda and[3]

As of July 2019 the Vologda Air fleet includes

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