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WRAS (88.5 MHz) is a non-commercial FM radio station in Atlanta, Georgia, licensed to Georgia State University. Its schedule is split between public radio programming from Georgia Public Broadcasting (88.5 GPB Atlanta) airing from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily and college radio programming funded by the university's student activity fee (Album 88) airing from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. The Album 88 and 88.5 GPB Atlanta formats are both available 24 hours a day on separate internet streams, and Album 88 is also available full-time on WRAS's HD-2 subchannel.

The transmitter is located off Interstate 20 on Old Flat Shoals Road Southeast in Atlanta. The Album 88 student studios and offices are located on the campus of Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, while the GPB studios are located in its headquarters in Midtown Atlanta.

Students at Georgia State host and produce all of the programs on Album 88, with the exception of Georgia State Panthers sporting events. While GPB public radio is heard around the clock on several simulcast radio stations in Georgia, listeners in the Atlanta area only hear the daytime schedule on WRAS. Atlanta has a full-time National Public Radio affiliate, WABE, with its own news department and airing most of the same national programs, such as All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

On January 18, 1971, WRAS first began broadcasting, originally powered at 19,500 watts.[2]

The callsign WRAS was not first on the list of preferred callsigns for the station. The callsign WGSU and a few others were already taken, so WRAS was accepted, standing for "Radio At State." The first image lines for WRAS were "The Stereo Alternative" and the "Stereo Odyssey," although most listeners simply referred to the station as "rass." In 1982 the student general manager at the time changed the image line to "Album 88" and lessened the use of the callsign after seeing Arbitron radio ratings diaries in which listeners regularly confused FM stations WRAS, WRFG and WREK, which were all nearby each other on the radio dial. Album 88 refers to the album-based rotation the format employs: stressing several cuts from each album rather than a single.

Album 88's first general manager was Richard Belcher, well known in later years to Atlanta television viewers for his investigative reporting, first on WAGA-TV and later WSB-TV. Alumni of the station span the range of media, from executive positions at the major recording labels and cable networks to air talent at radio and TV stations across the country.

Album 88 has won numerous awards, frequently beating out commercial radio stations, from the former Atlanta weekly Creative Loafing, the monthly Atlanta magazine, and the former College Music Journal. And for a student station with no budget for promotion, the station was also unusually successful, according to the Birch, Arbitron and, more recently, Nielsen ratings. While most student stations in the pre-internet era self-consciously eschewed popularity, WRAS sought to play a wide variety of music while gaining the largest audience possible. The station's impact on record sales in Atlanta led to the inclusion of Album 88 as a reporting station to Billboard magazine for a time in the 1980s. With the increasing number of stations on the FM dial in Atlanta since the 1990s, some commercial stations have increasingly targeted segments of the traditional WRAS audience. Keeping true to its roots, Album 88 today airs a wider variety of music to reflect the much wider range of music genres and sub-genres which have developed in the post-internet era.

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