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WRXS (106.9 FM; "Pure Oldies 106.9") is a radio station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, licensed to the suburb of Brookfield. The station is owned by the Milwaukee Radio Group subsidiary of Saga Communications. Its studios (which are shared with the other four sister stations) and transmitter are located in Milwaukee's West Side.

The 106.9 frequency came into being in Milwaukee when it was licensed as WLJU on February 10, 1993. The new station was owned by Harris Classical Broadcasting, which also owned Milwaukee's heritage Classical station, WFMR. It formally signed on for the first time in August 1995 as WFMI, playing a satellite-fed smooth jazz format. A more powerful and resourceful station, WJZI (93.3) converted from a failing rock format as WQFM to smooth jazz in 1996, giving WFMI stiff competition.

Both WFMR and WFMI were sold to Saga Communications, and WFMI was quickly switched to a Modern AC format, becoming WXPT on May 9, 1997, branded as "106.9 The Point" (the first song on "The Point" was Sheryl Crow's "A Change Would Do You Good").[1] When Chicago's WPNT-FM changed formats a few months later, 106.9 picked up the WPNT call sign. They had modest success for a small station, but a few of the bigger stations in the market took notice and adjusted their playlists to fight off the young suburban upstart.

The station is also hamstrung by a traditionally weak signal which has never covered the important suburban markets like the Waukesha and Ozaukee County suburbs very well, and is virtually non-existent north of the Sheboygan County line, where it runs into adjacent-channel interference from WHBZ on 106.5. This is because the frequency was a short-spacing allocation which is shared with WOOD-FM across Lake Michigan in Muskegon, Michigan, which is at a very strong 50,000 watts compared to this station's weaker power, and it does have conflicting interference with that station on the northern rim of their coverage area.

Again, due to stiff competition, the format was changed again at 3 p.m. on April 16, 1999, this time to a trendy new format known as Jammin' Oldies, and the call letters became WMJO (Milwaukee's Jammin' Oldies).[2] The calls were changed a month later to WJMR and tag line to "Jammin' Hits" due to legal issues.

Saga Communications moved WFMR to the 106.9 FM dial position, and WJMR-FM's format and call letters to 98.3, on December 12, 2000. This was done primarily to boost WJMR-FM's signal in the urban areas of Milwaukee, and to target WFMR toward the western and northern suburbs. Saga moved the studios to Milwaukee the year before, in 1999.

At midnight on June 26, 2007, ironically on the 51st anniversary of its original sign-on, WFMR ended its classical music format when it flipped to the Smooth Jazz format, a change made quickly to gain momentum from rival WJZI, which dropped the format a week earlier to become light Adult Contemporary music as WLDB/B93.3. On July 15, 2007, the station changed its call sign to WJZX.[3]

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