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WWVA (1170 AM, NewsRadio 1170) is an American radio station that broadcasts on a frequency of 1170 kHz with studios in Wheeling, West Virginia. Its towers are located in St. Clairsville, Ohio. It is West Virginia's only class A 50,000–watt clear-channel station, sharing the frequency's Class A status with KTSB in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and KJNP in North Pole, Alaska. WWVA can be heard in most of the eastern two-thirds of the United States at night, as well as most of Canada. The station is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. and uses the on-air nickname "The Big One" (borrowed from sister stations WLW and WTAM).

WWVA was one of the first stations in the U.S. to have an in-studio Citizens band radio to talk to listeners at night, in between songs and other on-air items, during the 1970s when it produced and ran an in-house nightly truckers' show hosted by the popular radio personality, Buddy Ray. Ray left the station in the early 1980s.[citation needed]

In two instances has WWVA been threatened with relocation, neither being successful: first in 1930 to Charleston by then-owner West Virginia Broadcasting Corporation, and again in 2004 to Stow, Ohio (a suburb of Akron) by then-Clear Channel Communications.[citation needed]

WWVA began broadcasting at 2 a.m. on December 13, 1926 when John Stroebel threw the switch that sent power to a home-built 50-watt transmitter in the basement of his home. One week earlier, the Federal Radio Commission had granted a broadcast license on 860 kHz to the radio station WWVA. In its first year of operation, it broadcast to listeners with home-made crystal sets, principally from Stroebel's own home.

Through the years, WWVA has been granted several power increases. In May 1941, the FCC moved WWVA to 1170, and in August of that same year, granted it the highest power for AM stations: 50,000 watts. With the increase, WWVA became the most powerful AM station in the entire state of West Virginia.

WWVA has changed hands many times over the years. Past owners include Fidelity Investments, West Virginia Broadcasting Corporation, Storer Broadcasting, Basic Communications, Screen Gems Radio - a division of Columbia Pictures, Coca-Cola, Price Broadcasting, Osborn Communications, Atlantic Star Communications, AMFM Inc., and Clear Channel Communications. It is currently owned by iHeartMedia.

WWVA’s broadcast history includes the airing of such notable live broadcasts as President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1952 visit to the Wheeling area. In the 1980s, WWVA briefly enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading radio news operations in the country, and won several national news reporting awards under the leadership of prominent broadcast journalists such as Jim Forsyth and Colleen Marshall, but that reputation faded in the 1990s. Harvey, however, remained on the station's schedule, as did the legendary Jamboree USA and Jamboree in the Hills broadcasts. The WWVA Jamboree broadcasts started on January 7, 1933 and were even transmitted to troops abroad during World War II.

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