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The meaning of «joom»

Joom is a Latvian e-commerce marketplace and mobile app that sells products from Asia and Europe.

The platform is known to be mobile-first with around 83% of transactions being made on mobile.[1]

Launched in 2016 in Riga, Latvia, Joom also has offices in Moscow, San Francisco, Shenzhen, and a logistics hub in Hong Kong. Since mid-2017, it has been presented in Europe that makes up to 50% of its GMV.[2] By the end of 2020, shopping app Joom got 150 million downloads in the European region.[3]

Joom has 25 million monthly active users and 20 million active buyers.[4]

In 2021, Joom joined the Product Safety Pledge initiative - an agreement to cooperate with the EU Member States to remove dangerous products from its websites[5]. 

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